The artist behind ɴooᴎ

Hallo thar~! I'm Bett :D. It seems like it's egocentric rant time!
I'm a short mexican childish girl who loves comics, rock/metal music and of course, to draw. I'm 15 years old, at least until October 9.
So yeah, I'm young and I can't say any cool things like "I'm studying graphic desing" or something like that. But I will! That's my goal! I love art and I can't imagine myself doing something else!
I'm a philosopher nerdy girl, who loves science and astronomy, and enjoys watching the History Channel.
Idk what else I can say, I like suits, coffe, and minimalism as you can see in this comic.
I'm a positive person! -thumbsup-

So yeah... anything else you want to know just PM me! I don't bite (: